The panels on this lamp feature the Asa-No-Ha leaf pattern. It is made mostly of a recycled shipping pallet for the 2014 exhibition “Create from a Crate”. This piece is available for sale for $998

The paper is Japanese “washi” paper glued on using rice glue (for easy replacement)


This is actually quite a small lamp just 260 x 260 x 300mm


The timber used for this box is Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle. The design complements such a visually interesting material.

I brand all my work using a CNC made branding iron. I prefer to do this in a discrete location. A box of this design can be made for approximately $190 depending on timber used.

The material offers an amazing amount of detail.

A necklace made from scraps - walnut and redgum.

A necklace made from scraps – Walnut and Redgum. Can be made for $35.


A Tasmanian Blackwood Mitred and Splined Box.